New in AWeber: One-Click Automation and Segmentation

One click.

What if that is all it took for the subscribers to tell you precisely what they wanted?

What if that is all it took to then automatically deliver the right message preciselywhen they needed it most?

Now you could!

One-click automation & segmentation is now available in AWeber broadcasts.

Powerful automation with a single click

AWebergoes on to bring you advanced automation features that are so easy-to-use, we are hesitant to even call them advanced.

You could now automate and segment like a pro without the hefty costs & clunky interfaces that other all-in-one tools might offer.

Here is how it works, technically:

  1. You send an email containing one/more links.
  2. When a subscriber clicks a link, you could then tagthat subscriber with one/more unique tags.
  3. Use those tags to made subscriber segments, OR to kick off an automaticsequence of mails using Campaigns. (Or both. Tags are super powerful.)

And here is what is really going on:

  1. You are listening to your subscribers & tagging them based on their behavior.
  2. You are sending your subscribers more relevant & valuable emails based on these tags.
  3. You are developing stronger relationships with your audience, transforming prospects into paying users, and paying customers into loyal advocates.

Using one-click automation & segmentation, you could:

  • Automatically send additional information/content without requiring your subscribers to opt-in again/join a new list.
  • Send one-time broadcasts to users based on their interests, or exclude subscribers who do not want to hear about certain topics/products.
  • Avoid managing a ton of lists only to segment your audience! Using tags, it is possible to power the email marketing campaigns from a single list in AWeber.

Let us dig deeper into specific use cases that you could experiment with today.

Segment your subscribers with ease

One of the most typical use cases for segmentation is to group your readers by interest.

Here is a sample email you could send today using AWeber.

If a user clicks the first link, tag them “writingtips”.

If a userclicks the second link, tag them “listgrowth”.

Or, if a user clicks the third link, tag them “advancedtopics”.

It is that easy.

Now, when you have a launch that is perfect for people who want to hear about writing tips, you could send it to just them.

If there is a promotion for people who want to automate their business. You have it, send it to them.

Something relevant for everyone? You could still email the entire list.

Trigger an automated campaign with just one click

Let us say you put together a good automated sequence of emails using Campaigns. The sequence might be an educational email course, or a pre-launch for a specific product/service.

Maybe not everybody wants that extra content. With one-click automation, you could let subscribers decide & begin receiving your awesome content with a single click.

Here is what the email could look like:

When a user clicks “Send me the email course!” you could apply a tag that triggers the automated course to begin.

Here is how to set up that campaign:

For more info on making campaigns, check out our Knowledge Base article/contact us by phone, email, or live chat.


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