Niche Marketing Kit is a Scam Or Legit?

Niche Marketing Kit Review — Legit or Scam?

Niche Marketing Kit Review — Legit or Scam: Niche Marketing Kit makes use of hype, promoting the idea that it can change a person’s life. I personally think this new product is vague about its quality and what they actually are. As with any other affiliate marketing programs on the market, there are promises made. Is there anything about what Niche Marketing Kit has to offer? Should you buy this product? Read my Niche Marketing Kit Review below.Niche Marketing Kit is a Scam Or Legit?

Niche Marketing Kit Review — Scam or Legit?

Owner: Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill

What is Niche Marketing Kit

Niche Marketing Kit is an all-purpose marketing toolkit by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. It’s a collection of products which were consolidated in one package to permit bloggers or affiliate marketers to access all necessary training to monetize websites.

I understand that it is not easy to begin an online business from scratch. It can be very tricky to build a successful online marketing business. Niche Marketing Kit is created with the intention to assist affiliate marketers to generate a significant quantity of sales through the proven tools and strategies that both Dave and John put together.

Dave and John both have generated earnings more than $1 million in 2015 and they assessed the strategies used annually back and discovered that there are five particular components that are essential to generate a successful online business that converts. These components include Traffic Generation, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, List Building and Social Media.

Before You Buy

Niche Marketing Kit contains a collection of training material that focus on the above-mentioned marketing components.

Website traffic niche product

  • 45 Day Traffic Strategy Traffic Generation Workshop
  • A lifetime access to John Thornhill’s traffic generation methodology
  • Video training course that shows how to Create traffic
  • Loads of posts with complete private label rights.

You will get 100 hundred videos about how to create traffic and it claims your website will be generating revenue through your website within 45 days. You will also be learning John’s traffic generation methodology he has tested over the last ten years.

This package includes video marketing blueprint video program, making your video course (with resale rights included), video money blueprint (with resale rights included), and video magic private (with resale rights included).

In this training, you will be learning how to make a series of professional looking videos. You will be given a wealthy of movie marketing templates and all you need to do is to use the video making programs on your laptop and to create your own version. It makes things as easy as copy and paste.

Affiliate marketing niche product

  • A lifetime access to affiliate advertising rotator
  • Affiliate marketing methodology and affiliate alliance
  • Affiliate marketing master program PLR package.

In this training, you will be learning how to market multiple products and pages via ClickBank account.

List building niche product

  • List building methodology
  • List construction video course (with resale rights included)
  • List building income video lessons (with resale rights included)

In this training, you will be learning how to create a list of targeted subscribers. It’s true that list construction is essential in affiliate marketing. It makes money with even a little list.

  • A lifetime access to enjoy page builder.
  • Facebook rocks star system (resale rights included)
  • Facebook business basics (resale rights included)
  • Social media profit (resale rights included)

Social media really helps to direct a large amount of traffic to websites. This has tried and the result is promising. With just Twitter, I manage to drive roughly 1000 visitors per day to my website.

Special note: If you are interested how I create visitors, read”How to Get Visitors to Your Website Quickly”

Alright, you have seen the exact same old things over and over again. Indeed, most of these affiliate marketing products market exactly the thing. A number of them even rebranded but the contents are the same.

Probably the old special offer banner that looks like this has been seen by you. Alright, it is just another hype that overprices their packages.

Niche Marketing Kit Makes Sense

One good thing about Niche Marketing Kit is it covers a lot of the basic principles in affiliate marketing. The training courses provide basic knowledge for basic marketing and they have made these strategies easy to be implemented.

Niche Marketing Kit is a terrific introduction of how to become an affiliate marketer. It is a great platform to learn resources the applications and advice now, that affiliates use. Their products do cover every major internet marketing elements in their package. Moreover, there was no mention of spammy behaviour, or scammy.

John Thornhill and dave Nicholson both are reputable and experienced affiliate marketers. You can find their backgrounds and sites online.

I would say no, if you ask if it’s a scam.

I would say no, if you ask if it is worth the money. If you know where to start looking above affiliate marketing strategies, you will find the information online.

Really it saves you from having to scrounge the web and figure out on your own if these are good or bad tricks that won’t put you into trouble. There are a good deal more similar programs offering the packages but with lower cost.

For those who have money to give it a try, I think it’s safe to purchase it.

There Must be Some Sides of Niche Marketing Kit

Deficiency of Support

There are a few things I would say it isn’t quite as great as it claims on its site, Even though it’s a legit program. One of the drawbacks is the Service.

Niche Marketing Kit over-promotes its features that are great on how it could help affiliate marketers to create a successful website that converts. They have neglected the supports that Niche Marketing Kit must provide to help the newbie.

The support that one needs to get is a community that helps each other when they are stuck when it comes to learning about internet business. Moreover, community service offers support to 24 hours that there is no downtime in getting responses, especially if you are a newbie.

Not Good for Beginners

Niche Marketing Kit isn’t acceptable for beginners. What annoys me is the tutorials do not cover valuable information .

A niche is what people should start looking at to implementing those tools and marketing knowledge. Regrettably, Niche Marketing Kit does not pay this much.

Finding a niche and affiliate marketing are two things that are different. Spotting and picking out a niche is important and it’s one that a good deal of beginners struggle with. It is just like a car without an engine, even if the vehicle comes with power steer ring leather cushions, and fancy dash, it worths nothing to run the vehicle.

You can read this post on how the tool can enable you to find the right market (topic). This is information that should read.

Final Thought

I wouldn’t recommend Niche Marketing Kit as your starting point to do affiliate marketing because it is far too expensive and there are not enough supports available for novices — intermediates.


Name: Niche Marketing Kit
Price: $67.00
Owner: John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson

VERDICT: EXPENSIVE marketing, expensivesupport unless you have a great deal of money to spend.

If you have any comments or if you know anything about Niche Marketing Kit, good or bad, please share your thoughts form below.

What Should You Don’t Have A Website Yet?

I understand Niche Marketing Kit does offer a good deal of tricks, tools, and affiliate marketing online tutorials which can help you to boost traffic and increase revenue. It is not a business plan without a start. Without an existing website, you can not gain from learning what Niche Marketing Kit is offering.

If you don’t have any site yet and are new, you can see how I got started here. I’ve gained a lot from a community of experts and mentors. With no help from this community, I would not be here now running a successful website.

In my previous articles, I tried plenty of affiliate marketing programs before but all of them failed. I discovered I neglected at first. I skipped the part of affiliate marketing — finding the perfect niche. Until I went through the free guide from WA, I managed to make a start before any SEO or affiliate marketing trick implementations.

Thank you for reading”Niche Marketing Kit Review — Scam or Legit? “.


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