How can VideoRobot work

New Video Platform with Enormous Template & Media Library and Magnificent Lip-Syncing 3D Avatars

What’s VideoRobot?

VideoRobot is a compact video platform to easily create or improve any sort of video for ANY campaign you want within minutes. It isn’t important if you want to create a 3D Avatar, Whiteboard Animation, Kinetic Motion, Presentation/Explainer, or a Live Action video.

VideoRobot includes 300+ video programs, all loaded with specialist male/female voice overs and pre-designed with stunning visual effects, transitions and text.

But you can grab your viewers attention even more by adding all types of components such as Animations, Special Effects, Intros, Outros, Lower Thirds, Transitions, and more.

VideoRobot Characteristics

Actually, watch Paul Ponna the founder explaining the major features…

How can VideoRobot work?

Step 2 Select one of the 300 video programs.

You can select out of:

100’3D Avatar Explainer’ Video Templates.
100 ‘Whiteboard’ Video Templates.

With ready to go templates for different niches including health care, fitness, finance, local advertising, and much more…

that you can personalize and create professional videos from with just a few clicks, and can sell to local companies.

As exciting additional feature, you can select and make 3D life-like Male and Female Avatars and allow them to talk your text using new amazing Lip-Syncing Text-to-Speech technologies (or use your own voice).

So, in case you want to make a 3D Avatar video…

Step 3 Choose a celebrity.

Step 4 Select your favorite voice or background music.

Now it is just a matter of…

Step 5 Personalize your video by adding special effects to grab your audience’s focus.

Select the components on the left you wish to use inside your video. As you can see in this picture above, you can choose from:

it is possible to select out of the huge built-in media library with countless:

Media: royalty free pictures, videos and audio.
Text Effects.
Logo openers and Intros.
CTA Outros.
Lower Thirds.
Dynamic Transitions.
Animations and Stop-Motion.
And more…

Plus you can change your background and colors.

By using the one line time-line editor using”Multi Track” technology, you can easily add a wide array of text effects, motion cartoons, lower-thirds, intro and outro videos, and show them in the exact moments you want.

On the right side you can personalize your articles.

If everything has been selected, just preview and edit (i.e. render) your video (step 6).

With the potential for using up to 5 tracks (on your timeline), it is possible to combine all these elements into one video to create more interesting outcomes.

For most of you, the Avatars are the most interesting…

Using these Avatars is very easy. You simply select the avatar you want, import an audio file with your speech (or use the amazing text-to-speech capabilities of this software) and then drag the footage onto your tracks.

The Avatars are a wonderful mix of both 3-D male or female figures and you can choose from 7 different voices. The software works in 24 different languages.

And significant, these animations render in seconds so you have a live preview of your video straight away.

Since you can also import your own media files, you can use the filters (as f.e. the Green Screen feature) in your videos also.

Honestly, I don’t think I have seen a piece of software that is so easy to use. It’s clearly cutting-edge technology, particularly with the introduction of the advanced text to speech engine and lip synchronization.

Because this is a web-based software, there’s absolutely nothing to install and you can actually create these videos from any device you need (yes on cellular as well).

If you have struggled in the past to create video presentations or do not like showing your face in public videos then this is the tool for you.
Easily add a vast array of text effects, motion cartoons, lower-thirds, intros and outros.
Use the built-in media library with royalty free images, videos and audio for your videos.
Insert 3D life-like Male and Female Avatars.
Convert ANY text to life-like voice in over 25 languages, with 47 voice styles and accents.
Automated”Lip-Sync” Technology (the 3D Avatars lips sync with any audio or text-to-speech).
One-Click Language Translation.
Use the”Multi Track” technology to combine all kinds of components in your videos (music, avatars, animations, voice over, backgrounds, etc.) and show them in the specific moments you want.
Commercial Permit included in main front-end.

View the demo video:

How do you use VideoRobot?

Below some examples how you can use VideoRobot:

Create all kind of videos you want as 3D Avatar, Whiteboard Animation, Kinetic Motion, Presentation/Explainer, or Live Action.
Improve present videos by adding animations and effects (lower thirds, text, intro, outro).
Add Avatars to present your videos, emphasize portions of your videos, or shut video with engaging Call to Action.
Add Text-To-Speech. Don’t want to use your own voice? Make the most of the work of others and use professional templates and media.
Translate your videos with the One-Click Language Translation feature.
Use your Webcam or Voice Recorder and include your recordings inside your video with one click. By way of instance, use a green screen spokesperson videos or live-action video, import, and make the background’invisible’ to create stunning Animated Avatar Explainer Videos in minutes!

VideoRobot vs VideoPal and VideoBuilder App

Perhaps you’ve seen VideoPal or VideoBuilder App, also created by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna, and you are wondering…

What is the difference between VideoPal, VideoBuilder App and VideoRobot?

Well, with VideoPal it is possible to create translucent stunning looking 2D/3D Animated or”live” Video Spokespersons who directly speak with the web page traffic from a corner in the display as overlay above any web page that you want. The Characters can either play with your voice, read a pre-defined script or read the text you provide.

While VideoBuilder App is a video editor/creator tool where you can not just use the improved Lip-Sync text to speech technology to create Avatar videos, but you can produce all kinds of other videos.

VideRobot allows you to not only create 3D Avatar videos but comes with way more features as video templates and effects for Kinetic Motion Animation and Whiteboard videos.

All applications use the identical life-like text-to-speech technology to create clean, smooth, and well-spoken speech from any text script. However, it depends on which version you will buy whether you will get access to all 25 languages and 47 voices (male and female, some as well as various English accents).

Having said that, just VideoRobot and VideoBuilder App possess the new Lip-Sync feature.

Additionally, VideoPal comes with the individual”Avatars”. VideoRobot and VideoBuilder App only have animated Avatars (or you have to upgrade to VideoRobot Agency, see below).

Read my review about VideoBuilder App for more differences between VideoBuilder App and VideoPal.

To summarize, if you don’t have VideoPal or VideoBuilder App yet, just buy VideoRobot (and update with VideoRobot Agency if you also want the individual avatars).

On the other hand, is it interesting to purchase VideoRobot if you already have VideoPal and/or VideoBuilder App?

Yes, because you’ll get 200+ additional Templates and all the special tools and effects to make Kinetic Motion Animation and Whiteboard videos.

Are there any shortcomings?

There are some limitations you need to be conscious of.

First, you can”just” use 5 monitors inside your time-line editor. If you need more then there’s a walk-around by first rendering your new video (after using 5 tracks) and then uploading your new video and begin from there with the rest of the tracks you want to add. Or you could divide your video in separate parts and later add them together.

So overall, this is no real deal breaker.

In the standard main front-end version, the library is made up of whole lot of Avatars and templates for every animation (Lower Third, Intro, Outro, Text).

And if not adequate, you can upload your own media files. Plus, if you want, you can upgrade to the Deluxe version (see below).

Also be aware, that although you can preview your video (before rendering), you won’t find the Lip-Sync in action in the trailer (that is done during the manufacturing process).

What about the Lip-Sync?

Also, the basis version only allows you to make 720p HD quality videos.

Furthermore, you can just create videos up to a length of 30 seconds.

If you want really high professional quality videos with 1080p HD quality and higher duration than 30 minutes, then you have to upgrade to the Agency model ($67.00).

Finally, the”drawing quality” is worse than for example in exclusive Whiteboard video production tools as Easy Sketch Guru or Doodly.

What I mean?

Well, the pictures are not really drawn but the hand is only moving or swiping instead of drawing line online. See the example in the demo video below and you’ll see what I mean…

For me, no deal-breaker but I believe that you need to know of it…

Why should you purchase VideoRobot?

Well, VideoRobot is a simple to use all-in-one platform to easily create or enhance any sort of video for virtually any campaign you want within minutes. It isn’t important if you would like to create a 3D Avatar, Whiteboard Animation, Kinetic Motion, Presentation/Explainer, or a Live Action video. Plus you can easily add a wide selection of text effects, motion animations, transitions, lower-thirds, intro and outro videos.

It comes with 300 Templates and built in media library with hundreds of royalty free images, videos and music for your videos. All Templates are loaded with specialist male/female voice overs and pre-designed with stunning visual effects, text and adjustments for different niches and readymade sales videos for local services as health care, fitness, finance, local advertising, and more.

And as exciting feature, you can select and create 3D life-like Male and Female Avatars and let them speak with your own text by using new amazing Lip-Syncing Text-to-Speech technology (or use your own voice).

So a terrific application for every video marketer who needs an affordable and easy to use video editor to create (or enhance ) all kinds of videos. Especially if you take into consideration the one-time and low…


You can buy VideoRobot for a one-time payment of $46.95, and it comes with free Commercial License.

But for a limited time, you can lower that cost with Coupon Code”SPECIAL” and get $5.00 off.

So, don’t wait too long (and observe the timers on the page).

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

VideoRobot Funnel

The first upsell is the opportunity to upgrade to VideoRobot Deluxe ($49.00). Today you’ll get:

UNLOCK new text effects, motion animations, intros and outros.
UNLOCK new life-like 3D avatars
MONTHLY”done-for-you” templates in the hottest markets.

You can get access to these extras for a low ONE-TIME price during the launch period. This upgrade turns to MONTHLY subscription fees following the launch period.

As second upsell, you can find the VideoRobot Agency License ($67.00).

Now, you can create videos up to 6 minutes (the basic version allows only videos around 30 seconds), and you can render your videos in 1080p HD quality (the foundation version only permits you to create 720P HD quality videos). Plus you will get 50 individual Avatars (yes, the same as in VideoPal), a DFY Client Contract, and included is a video instruction about how to set up your video service business.

As third upsell, you can find the 3-in-1 Video Traffic Suite ($24.00-$34.00).

As fourth and final upsell, you can find the Video Profit Maximizer App ($17.00-$27.00).

My VideoRobot Bonus

If you’ll buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page), you will get this special bonus…

DFY VideoRobot Agency Website

Use this stunning agency website to sell the pro-grade videos you produce with VideoRobot.

The site comes entirely designed with eye-catching graphics, professional sales video by Todd Gross, and copywriting accomplished by a world class copywriter.

Everything is done for you, so you can quickly land high paying customers and market your VideoRobot videos.

Furthermore, you will find these Special Bonuses.

Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can select 1 product for free on

Finally, you’ll get 60 bonus points (and additional 70/80/70/60 points if you’ll buy upsell 1/2/3/4) that you can change for good WP Plugins, Courses and other info products on Select Your Bonus. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you need. They’ll be valuable forever. So you do not need to rush to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be held at your account (until use ).

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